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Dressing to put a smile on your own face is a very noble cause in my book. This fun print does just that! Meet one of my first designer crushes and a dress so nice I bough it twice in this post.

Samantha Pleet was one of my very first designer crushes. I remember first seeing a dress in this exact print several years ago in college and totally swooning over it. Cut to a few years later, and I became a proud owner of the dress. Now a few sizes and years later, SP has rereleased the print in a few new silhouettes. Obviously, I snatched this dress up… again.

There is so much to love about Samantha Pleet’s designs. They’re filled with so much imagination and whimsy. I once wore my first iteration of this dress to Thanksgiving, and my family joked we could play Eye Spy on it. It’s true! In this one print, there’s unicorns, goats, flowers and more. I love it. I’m also so encouraged to see Samantha Pleet is offering more extended sizing and a diverse cast of models on her site. PS: her site’s design is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen – you gotta check it out. 



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