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The Best Patios in Austin

August nights in Austin are hard to beat. They're the perfect reprieve from a sun-soaked day where you're likely cooped up inside by the AC. It's an absolute requirement to find a patio, grab a cool drink, and soak up the tail end of summer.

Hillside Farmacy is a true Austin Jewel. It’s the patio where I took this post’s pics and a place I never get tired of visiting (I’ve been coming here since college!). You can live out all your vintage dreams here and the service is top-notch. The patio is the perfect hang; the umbrella-ed seats in the front are the perfect place to peep all the happenings on the east side. The patio, however, wraps around the building. Around the side is an ivy-clad oasis that will have you doing a double-take to remember you’re in Austin.

What to order: House Punch

My favorite of the McGuire Moorman joints in Austin, Josephine House is a precious spot to unwind with a date or girl friends. Their patio is a lovely side yard with private booths that’ll make you feel like a lady of leisure, or take your pick of the chippendale patio sets underneath string lights. It’s located in an idyllic neighborhood that’s the perfect spot to slip away if you’d like to still pretend Austin is a small town.

What to order: Brown Derby

Fresa’s is the ideal casual spot when you’d like to grab dinner with friends, but don’t want anything too stuffy. They’re known for their chicken, and I personally love their tacos. I also love that there’s plenty of options at Fresa’s that are on the healthier side, too. Their patio is filled with picnic tables and feels like a block party with friends (and lots of dogs)!

What to order: Prickly Pear Margarita

Mattie’s is our wedding venue, so you’re hard-pressed to find a place I love more. Mattie’s patio, however, is just a special as the inside of the historic home. You can keep watch over the several peacocks that call the house home, kick back in their pink patio furniture, and enjoy this little mecca tucked away in South Austin. If you feel like wandering the grounds, that’s also an option as Mattie’s sits on a sizable piece of land (plenty of photo opps!)

What to order: Milk Punch

Kitty Cohen’s is the patio you need to visit if you’d like to feel cool (literally, as there’s a swimming pool in the middle of the patio… no swimming allowed though). It’s a place packed with 70s vibes and is where I had many a first date 😅. I would always choose this place because it’s so fun, is easy to relax in, and is a true slice of Austin. It’s perfect for if you want to go out with a bigger group or, ya know, if you have a first date!

What to order: Frosé (or their swirl of Frosé and Absolut Screw… an orange-based frozen drink)


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