Taking things slow

Let's chat about some of my goals for 2021, what my aims are for All Dunn Up, and what you can look forward to this year.

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In 2021, it’s my goal to move toward sharing more sustainable fashion pieces. This means I’ll be making a focused pivot toward supporting smaller and independent designers over big brands. Plus, I’m looking forward to sourcing pieces from local boutiques over chain retailers. I’d love to make it my mission to spotlight these smaller makers to expand all of our fashion horizons.

I’m excited to scour the internet to bring you the best selection beyond your regular rotation. Let’s bring some fresh blood into the mix and play with style.

Coming up, I’ve got a fun giveaway with a local artist, collaborations with some new brands I think you’ll love, and lots of new indie designers to spotlight. I’m also excited to show off some talented makers and local shops in Austin that have made me feel extra inspired. I think this will help me with what I’ve always aimed to do here: find the next thing you’ll love.


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