In With The New…

Now that it's November, I'm feeling the itch to lean into the fall aesthetic... Lots of knits, woodsy patterns, and cozy shapes before my wardrobe goes fully festive for the holidays. Here are some things I'm currently eyeing for the new month:

Getting Invested

The sweater vest trend is going strong. With the right shape, I think it can look very sharp. I love seeing it over a billowy dress or a looser knit paired with a great set of jeans.

Other vests I’m loving:

This one that would look perfect over everything

This one that is perfect for the holidays (and on sale!

This adorable nostalgic print

Typical Me

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This is the kind of dress my fiance would call “a Mackenzie Dress.” Delicate floral print, cinched at the waist, a little drama with the sleeves… say no more! Would love this with a quilted overcoat, or even the vest above.

Other dresses I’m loving:

This one that’s as perfect as a peppermint

Eat your heart out, Samantha Parkington

This one that I’m pretty sure I’d wear… everywhere

Eyelet It A lot

Jury is still out on if I’ll need a puffy jacket anytime soon, but WOW this one is cute. One of my least favorite parts of living in the cold, cold climates of Chicago and Boston was becoming an amorphous blob to survive the winter months. (To help, I bought a Kate Spade puffy coat on eBay with a big bow on the collar 😂.) That being said, this adorable, frilly jacket definitely fits the bill for “warm but cute.”

More outerwear I’m loving:

This one that’s an essential layering piece

This one to toughen up sweet dresses

And this one, that’s the coat of my dreams


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