Dark Academia Starter Kit

Have you heard of the Dark Academia trend? It's the moodier cousin of cottagecore and has been making waves in the fashion scene since the fall. Let's breakdown the trend and how you can wear it.

One part Wednesday Addams and one part book-worm-at-Oxford, this trend is perfect for those of us who want to pretend we live our lives in a dilapidated castle somewhere in the English countryside romanticizing the tiniest details of life. (Just me?) It’s a trend that holds steadfast to classical forms of romance (The pain! The suffering! The beauty!) and calls upon bringing fashions from the past to the modern era.

Many creators are holding steadfast to dark academia and are even claiming spin-off terms like “light academia,” “princess-core,” “fairy-core,” and “royal-core” that live in the same vein as the dark academia trend.

Some favorite makers of mine that regularly channel this moody (yet studious) aesthetic are @shirinatra, @romneyellen, and @adventuringbeth. If you’re a fan of this look definitely head to their accounts.


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